Late… but not TOO late.

A few lusty words for anyone out there reading.


I stroke his body with my dry, soft hands. His silken skin slowly heats to my touch, expanding, thickening with lust. I hear the difference in his breathing, from an almost imperceptible, steathly relaxation to the quickened pace of expectation; sporadic inhales when I hit just the right spot with my thumb.

I’m beginning to know his body well, more intimately than I know my own and I’ve been with him for only a few short months. I’m obsessed with bringing him pleasure and very little turns my body liquid but for his face in the throws of passion. Making him moan is my new sexual mayhem and hearing his words of erotic greed make me a fool in venereal captivity.

As he begins soft thrusts of his lean hips I climb in between his legs teasing him with the expectation of a hot, wet mouth around his hard cock. I don’t treat him to this yet, but part my dry lips and wet them with my tongue. His eyelids lower and he groans.

I press my free fingers between his legs, to his satin pants. Only the fly is exposing the hot flesh; everything else is hidden below his pajama bottoms. I rub beneath his balls, relishing the pleasure he receives. I feel it too, the electricity between my legs, something I’ve never felt at this level.

He’s close but I know how to bring him closer. I lower my fingers and rub between his parted cheeks. The pressure on this tender area and the sensation of satin there is enough to bring him to the edge. I lower my mouth over the hot head of his dick and begin stroking him with my tongue, remembering to still rub his balls, ass and the space between.

He comes quickly, loudly, not something he does often and I continue stroking him, unhurriedly now. His breathing begins to slow and I pull away. He’s finished for now and I find momentary bliss in the pleasure I’ve brought him.


That’s it for now, loves!!

My Newest Cover and Blurb: Stranded Co-Worker

Stranded Co-Worker
Stranded Co-Worker

Another win!  Here is my GORGEOUS new cover!  I’m in love with how Kristin Mummert (Twitter and check out her growing Website) punched up the coloring and the contrast.  The borders are really eye catching.  Man.  Best cover YET!

Seriously, I liked the original photo for this story, but I KNEW Kris would bring out the best in it.  YAY!

The story itself is about a young woman accountant who works for a company that designs and builds yachts.  She’s harboring (hahahaha) a hell of a crush for a coworker that, for the longest time, she couldn’t stand or seem to get along with.  She hates that she’s fallen for him but it’s something she can live with – that is until she finds him stranded on the side of the road, in the drenching Florida rain with two flats.  The only option she can live with is bringing him home with her to spend the night, then return to his car the next day.

Only she didn’t anticipate that maybe she wasn’t the only one with a secret crush.

NC-17 (is that still a rating??) for Strong Sexual Language.  This story is in first person and is just over 5400 words.

It is now in the queue to be published with Amazon, available for Kindle (of which you can get a free app!).  I’ll link here as soon as I have it up 😀

Saucy Snippet from (WT) “Leo & Mariana”

Was a busy day, but good.  Fun.  Didn’t get too much writing on “Leo & Mariana” done, but here’s (an unedited) something for my trouble:

He started to pull away from her but she didn’t let him.  “What do you want from me, Mari?”

She forced herself to look into his eyes.  “I think I’m making that pretty clear.  Don’t you?”

He caught the hint.  His eyes narrowed and he leaned down closer to her, his breath, as always, smelling of peppermint.  Smoking salesman trick – keep the candy on you at all times.

“You either want me to beg for a date…” he nuzzled her ear with his nose, his hot breath tickling her neck.  “Or you want me to earn it.”

She felt the slide of his hand down her polyester pencil skirt, following the curve of her back and lightly cupping her bottom.  His mouth kissed her ear and made a trail down her neck, making her light-headed.

The tips of his fingers lifted the bottom of her skirt and she froze, aware of where his hand was headed.  She sucked in a breath and he bit down on her neck possessively.

She cried out, a small and pathetic noise buried under the sound of the close by overpass.

“You want me to please you?” He whispered.

Her eyes shut just as she felt fingers brush against her folds through her cotton underwear.

“I feel what I do to you.  You’re already wet for me.”

“God, Leo.”

He stroked her pussy twice through her panties, firm and teasing.  “I bet I could make you come right here.”

She leaned her head against her car and opened her eyes.  He was smug again, but this time it didn’t bother her so much.  This time she was hoping he could give her what his eyes were promising.

“Take me home, Leo.”

“Are you sure you want this?”

“What do you think?”  She lifted her hips, pressing into his hand.  His eyes grew darker.  “Take me home.”

That’s all for now!  See ya tomorrow!

Another Story Entered My Brain and Won’t LEAVE!

It’s invasion is truly all-encompassing and all these two have done is tongue-fuck, ARGH!  But more about that in a minute.

The mock up is off to the cover artist for “Stranded Co-Worker”.  As soon as I have it back I’ll be posting it to Amazon.  I’ve been looking at Smashwords and Barnes & Noble as other publishing venues but I’m unsure as to whether or not I want to spend the time and money to branch further out.  Amazon was already enough of a risk, considering their previous BS with Gay and Lesbian erotica.

All over it seems to be an incredibly hard and volatile time to be a writer of smut right now, but then I’m not sure there has ever been a GOOD time to write porn.  Hopefully the censorship won’t go any further.

Okay, back to the story I’m obsessed with now.  Listening to Melissa Etheridge’s “Dance without Sleeping” and “It’s For You” while writing helped set a great mood for the writing.  I’m not sure of my word count because the story is another WIP I found from a while ago that I’m now finishing.  I had barely started it but the characters are ripe on the page and ready for the picking.  I read what little was there and was instantly transported back into the mindset I had been in when writing it: two adults, lonely and needy, desperate for each other and just now realizing it.

Um, there honestly isn’t much more plot to erotica, is there??

Really this is my favorite to write: the stories with sexual tension in the backstory, character’s whose built up lust is overwhelming.  This will probably also be in the “Time for a Change” series.  My only real requirement for that series is that the stories involve characters who’ve known each other for a decent period of time (at least 6 months but sometimes – as in this WIP – years) and cannot take it anymore: they HAVE to have each other.  The story starts right before everything changes.

So now I am adding this working title to my deadlines, “Leo & Mariana”.  I was thinking about the title, not sure what to call it.  Since “Stranded Co-Worker”is now only days away from publication & the previously untitled Office Sex story ( now “Corrine’s Adventures: The Master”) is ready but for stock photo purchase and mock up sent to the cover artist, I will add this one between the publication date of those and the M/M “Rook City: FD”.

I also have a F/F and M/F/F coming up –  two different ones, not a story together.  But those are still in the “Barely Plotted” stages.

I hope to have “Leo & Mariana” done and ready for a beta-read if not Monday then Tuesday.  Monday thru Wednesday the husband goes to school from about 5pm to around 9:45, so I have a home FULL of peace and quiet to write/edit/daydream.  Of course that deadline is if the jewelry store doesn’t give me a whole lotta work and money being the way it is for us right now, I’m really okay with a whole lotta work from it.  Still, there are 24 hours in a day, right?  Who says sleep is necessary?  Isn’t that what coffee is for?

Mmmmm…  Yum.  Coffee.  *le sigh*

A Bit of Blahblah and a Little Naughty Cock Talk

Whew!  Last night I got around 2000 words done on the erotic short and this morning I worked on the edit.  I’m changing the name from “Wet Dues” to “Stranded Co-Worker”.  It’s ready for publication, I’m just waiting for the $ to purchase a photo then send it over to my cover artist.  This one is part of the “Time for a Change” series.

I’m already working on another in the same series, a currently untitled story  with: Office Sex, Male Dom, Light BDSM,  and Light Anal Play.  I do love me some rough and bossy men!  Ha.

Last but not least I am working on a couple of free stories for this blog.  I’ll have a separate tab for them once I have at least one ready and then the tab will have links to the stories as separate blog posts.  I’ll keep the most current one(s) on top.  Nothing better than a free erotic story to show what a writer is capable of.

Speaking of showing, here’s a really short bit from the story I finished up last night:

His large hand came down around my throat, eliciting a whimper from me, but he was surprisingly gentle. His thumb caressing my skin in long, smooth strokes. I shut my eyes. “Those little noises drive me nuts, Hannah.”

His naked body pressed into me, pushing the bathroom door shut again. This time the click was deafening. “That was more than a couple seconds.” His breath was on my lips. “Tell me you want to leave right now, Hannah.” His hand slid to my collarbone. “I’ll let you go if you just say that’s what you want.”

“It’s not,” I whispered.

“Look at me.”

I opened my eyes and looked into his. I felt a tear escape. He stared at my face, his eyes lidded and lustful. His hand slid slowly up my neck and into my hair. He tugged, pulling my lips harshly to his. He kissed me hard, his teeth pulling at my bottom lip then his tongue over-powering mine. I moan, I can’t help it, and my arms wrap around his waist. He breaks the kiss, but kept his hand in my hair.

Pushing his body into mine I feel his thick cock through the robe.

“Fucking hell, Hannah. You have no idea what you do to men, do you?”

Well, that’s it for now, folks!

“Lust in the Rain” Goes Public & Sharing the New Cover for the M/M Erotica

“Lust in the Rain” (mentioned in this previous post) became available earlier today on Amazon!  I’m super stoked about having it out.  I’m very happy with the way it turned out.  Annabeth and Jacob are two characters I had originally thought to build a novel around but realized I just wanted to get a good romp out of them and send them on their merry way.

Now up on Amazon is “Proof of Innocence“, a M/M Erotica (with a little M/F as well) with a little danger and intrigue thrown in for good measure.  I can’t believe how quickly it went through the review stage, but it’s up!

Proof of InnocenceI got the cover back from my cover artist yesterday and couldn’t WAIT to get everything to Amazon.  I think Kristin ( did a terrific job.  I’m a little picky so I sent her a mock-up with images I had already picked out.  She did a fabulous job of matching my expectations and at the same time putting her own stamp on it.

It has this really cool lusty, suspenseful feel to it and I adore that.  It matches what I felt writing the novella.

All in all I’m ahead of the deadlines I set for myself on “LitR” and “PoI” which puts me in a good mood.  Now I just need to focus on my other three deadlines, in particular finishing up the horribly, temporarily named “Wet Dues.”

Time to grab a cup of coffee and work on the story.  Maybe I’ll have a little text to share tomorrow 🙂

Saucy Snippet of the Day

I was just innocently working along today – writing scenes, converting text, making the occasional piece of jewelry and cleaning around the house – and it kept popping into my brain “I have yet to post a yummy scene to my blog”.  It wouldn’t leave me alone.

Sure, it’s early on in the blog’s life, but what the heck?  Who doesn’t love a little raunchiness during the day?

So here we go.  This little bit of text is from my upcoming “Proof of Innocence”, a M/M (with a little M/F) Erotic Novella that takes place in the future (and in space  mostly, hence the Space Operotica).


Rake’s breathing became labored as an image of the captain interrupted his thoughts with blunt force, the man’s dark eyes boring into his own. He felt the excitement rush through his body and he felt himself flush.

“I’ll show you-” the other man started, his fingers caressing his cheek. “-what you’ve been missing cooped up in this old library.”

The captain’s thumb trailed over his lower lip.

The Rake in his fantasy – very much unlike the Rake in real life – grabbed the other man’s thumb into his mouth and teasing it with his tongue. The captain’s eyelids became heavy with lust.

“What am I missing?” he asked.

The man in his fantasy slammed him into the solid library wall behind them and pinned him there. “That’s not how you ask.”


“I’m going to make you beg. What’s the magic word, Rake?”

“I don’t know any magic word. Um… Naked?”

Solid thighs pressed into him and he could feel the hardness of a nice, stiff dick up against his own.

He panted in real life, hard. He pulled down his loose sandsilk pants, the course material a teasing texture on his length. He grasped his freed erection with one hand, cupping his balls with the other.

It had been so long, he was sure this wouldn’t take long.

“Are you sure you don’t know any magic word?” Lips came close to his and he tried to kiss them, to bite down and stake his claim. They moved away too quickly.

“Please,” he began, willing to submit for the teasing to be over. He was desperate.

“Please what?”

Upcoming work, Deadlines to look for

So I am working on jewelry purchased from the Etsy shop (sort of my day job) but at the same time I am trying to get more written works out to readers.

“Proof of Innocence” – M/M, M/F Erotica, Romance.  Roughly 30k, maybe a little under, can’t remember at the moment.  This one is in the post-production stage.  It’s been written and edited and beta-read.  Now I am converting it to Kindle and the cover art is in the process of being made at the moment.  Hoping to get this baby up on Amazon before the end of February.

“Take a Chance on Me” -M/F Romance. Over 100K.  This one is in the first revision phase.  I am hoping to have this one released sometime in late March or early April.

WORKING TITLE “Wet Dues” – M/F Erotica. I know, isn’t that title awful?!  I am still writing this one, but it’s a Quickie and part of the “Time for a Change” series.  I’m planning for this one to come in around 8k.  I’d love to have this one out late in the first week of March, or early in the second week.

WORKING TITLE “ROOK CITY: FD” – M/M Erotica.  One in another series, this one looking to be about 50k.  Hoping for around May.

So, off to make the jewelry and put some more words to paper (or, well, Scrivener, lol).

Lust in the Rain Cover Art

Lust in the Rain
Lust in the Rain

“Annabeth’s car gets stuck in the mud and the rain is drenching, but her boss happens by and tries to help.  Only, it’s not the car he ends up getting out of the mud.”


Thanks so much to my cover artist, Kristin Mummert ( ) for busting this out for me superfast and dealing with my pickiness to boot.

Look for the title on Amazon.  I’ll link to it as soon as it’s up!!