Upcoming work, Deadlines to look for

So I am working on jewelry purchased from the Etsy shop (sort of my day job) but at the same time I am trying to get more written works out to readers.

“Proof of Innocence” – M/M, M/F Erotica, Romance.  Roughly 30k, maybe a little under, can’t remember at the moment.  This one is in the post-production stage.  It’s been written and edited and beta-read.  Now I am converting it to Kindle and the cover art is in the process of being made at the moment.  Hoping to get this baby up on Amazon before the end of February.

“Take a Chance on Me” -M/F Romance. Over 100K.  This one is in the first revision phase.  I am hoping to have this one released sometime in late March or early April.

WORKING TITLE “Wet Dues” – M/F Erotica. I know, isn’t that title awful?!  I am still writing this one, but it’s a Quickie and part of the “Time for a Change” series.  I’m planning for this one to come in around 8k.  I’d love to have this one out late in the first week of March, or early in the second week.

WORKING TITLE “ROOK CITY: FD” – M/M Erotica.  One in another series, this one looking to be about 50k.  Hoping for around May.

So, off to make the jewelry and put some more words to paper (or, well, Scrivener, lol).

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