Saucy Snippet of the Day

I was just innocently working along today – writing scenes, converting text, making the occasional piece of jewelry and cleaning around the house – and it kept popping into my brain “I have yet to post a yummy scene to my blog”.  It wouldn’t leave me alone.

Sure, it’s early on in the blog’s life, but what the heck?  Who doesn’t love a little raunchiness during the day?

So here we go.  This little bit of text is from my upcoming “Proof of Innocence”, a M/M (with a little M/F) Erotic Novella that takes place in the future (and in space  mostly, hence the Space Operotica).


Rake’s breathing became labored as an image of the captain interrupted his thoughts with blunt force, the man’s dark eyes boring into his own. He felt the excitement rush through his body and he felt himself flush.

“I’ll show you-” the other man started, his fingers caressing his cheek. “-what you’ve been missing cooped up in this old library.”

The captain’s thumb trailed over his lower lip.

The Rake in his fantasy – very much unlike the Rake in real life – grabbed the other man’s thumb into his mouth and teasing it with his tongue. The captain’s eyelids became heavy with lust.

“What am I missing?” he asked.

The man in his fantasy slammed him into the solid library wall behind them and pinned him there. “That’s not how you ask.”


“I’m going to make you beg. What’s the magic word, Rake?”

“I don’t know any magic word. Um… Naked?”

Solid thighs pressed into him and he could feel the hardness of a nice, stiff dick up against his own.

He panted in real life, hard. He pulled down his loose sandsilk pants, the course material a teasing texture on his length. He grasped his freed erection with one hand, cupping his balls with the other.

It had been so long, he was sure this wouldn’t take long.

“Are you sure you don’t know any magic word?” Lips came close to his and he tried to kiss them, to bite down and stake his claim. They moved away too quickly.

“Please,” he began, willing to submit for the teasing to be over. He was desperate.

“Please what?”

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