Another Story Entered My Brain and Won’t LEAVE!

It’s invasion is truly all-encompassing and all these two have done is tongue-fuck, ARGH!  But more about that in a minute.

The mock up is off to the cover artist for “Stranded Co-Worker”.  As soon as I have it back I’ll be posting it to Amazon.  I’ve been looking at Smashwords and Barnes & Noble as other publishing venues but I’m unsure as to whether or not I want to spend the time and money to branch further out.  Amazon was already enough of a risk, considering their previous BS with Gay and Lesbian erotica.

All over it seems to be an incredibly hard and volatile time to be a writer of smut right now, but then I’m not sure there has ever been a GOOD time to write porn.  Hopefully the censorship won’t go any further.

Okay, back to the story I’m obsessed with now.  Listening to Melissa Etheridge’s “Dance without Sleeping” and “It’s For You” while writing helped set a great mood for the writing.  I’m not sure of my word count because the story is another WIP I found from a while ago that I’m now finishing.  I had barely started it but the characters are ripe on the page and ready for the picking.  I read what little was there and was instantly transported back into the mindset I had been in when writing it: two adults, lonely and needy, desperate for each other and just now realizing it.

Um, there honestly isn’t much more plot to erotica, is there??

Really this is my favorite to write: the stories with sexual tension in the backstory, character’s whose built up lust is overwhelming.  This will probably also be in the “Time for a Change” series.  My only real requirement for that series is that the stories involve characters who’ve known each other for a decent period of time (at least 6 months but sometimes – as in this WIP – years) and cannot take it anymore: they HAVE to have each other.  The story starts right before everything changes.

So now I am adding this working title to my deadlines, “Leo & Mariana”.  I was thinking about the title, not sure what to call it.  Since “Stranded Co-Worker”is now only days away from publication & the previously untitled Office Sex story ( now “Corrine’s Adventures: The Master”) is ready but for stock photo purchase and mock up sent to the cover artist, I will add this one between the publication date of those and the M/M “Rook City: FD”.

I also have a F/F and M/F/F coming up –  two different ones, not a story together.  But those are still in the “Barely Plotted” stages.

I hope to have “Leo & Mariana” done and ready for a beta-read if not Monday then Tuesday.  Monday thru Wednesday the husband goes to school from about 5pm to around 9:45, so I have a home FULL of peace and quiet to write/edit/daydream.  Of course that deadline is if the jewelry store doesn’t give me a whole lotta work and money being the way it is for us right now, I’m really okay with a whole lotta work from it.  Still, there are 24 hours in a day, right?  Who says sleep is necessary?  Isn’t that what coffee is for?

Mmmmm…  Yum.  Coffee.  *le sigh*

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