My Newest Cover and Blurb: Stranded Co-Worker

Stranded Co-Worker
Stranded Co-Worker

Another win!  Here is my GORGEOUS new cover!  I’m in love with how Kristin Mummert (Twitter and check out her growing Website) punched up the coloring and the contrast.  The borders are really eye catching.  Man.  Best cover YET!

Seriously, I liked the original photo for this story, but I KNEW Kris would bring out the best in it.  YAY!

The story itself is about a young woman accountant who works for a company that designs and builds yachts.  She’s harboring (hahahaha) a hell of a crush for a coworker that, for the longest time, she couldn’t stand or seem to get along with.  She hates that she’s fallen for him but it’s something she can live with – that is until she finds him stranded on the side of the road, in the drenching Florida rain with two flats.  The only option she can live with is bringing him home with her to spend the night, then return to his car the next day.

Only she didn’t anticipate that maybe she wasn’t the only one with a secret crush.

NC-17 (is that still a rating??) for Strong Sexual Language.  This story is in first person and is just over 5400 words.

It is now in the queue to be published with Amazon, available for Kindle (of which you can get a free app!).  I’ll link here as soon as I have it up 😀

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