Saucy Snippet from (WT) “Leo & Mariana”

Was a busy day, but good.  Fun.  Didn’t get too much writing on “Leo & Mariana” done, but here’s (an unedited) something for my trouble:

He started to pull away from her but she didn’t let him.  “What do you want from me, Mari?”

She forced herself to look into his eyes.  “I think I’m making that pretty clear.  Don’t you?”

He caught the hint.  His eyes narrowed and he leaned down closer to her, his breath, as always, smelling of peppermint.  Smoking salesman trick – keep the candy on you at all times.

“You either want me to beg for a date…” he nuzzled her ear with his nose, his hot breath tickling her neck.  “Or you want me to earn it.”

She felt the slide of his hand down her polyester pencil skirt, following the curve of her back and lightly cupping her bottom.  His mouth kissed her ear and made a trail down her neck, making her light-headed.

The tips of his fingers lifted the bottom of her skirt and she froze, aware of where his hand was headed.  She sucked in a breath and he bit down on her neck possessively.

She cried out, a small and pathetic noise buried under the sound of the close by overpass.

“You want me to please you?” He whispered.

Her eyes shut just as she felt fingers brush against her folds through her cotton underwear.

“I feel what I do to you.  You’re already wet for me.”

“God, Leo.”

He stroked her pussy twice through her panties, firm and teasing.  “I bet I could make you come right here.”

She leaned her head against her car and opened her eyes.  He was smug again, but this time it didn’t bother her so much.  This time she was hoping he could give her what his eyes were promising.

“Take me home, Leo.”

“Are you sure you want this?”

“What do you think?”  She lifted her hips, pressing into his hand.  His eyes grew darker.  “Take me home.”

That’s all for now!  See ya tomorrow!

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