Update on ‘Corrine’s Adventures’ Part 2

Eleven days with no update, wow, I got really lazy. Okay, well, it wasn’t laziness. It was life trying to get in the way and I let it. However well things are going in one area, something else always slips. I will try not to let that something in the future be writing.

I let my Master story get away from me. Today I have chopped it down to roughly 2900 words. It was going in the wrong direction. I was trying to force it to be a night over at his house when Corrine and Manuel obviously had other plans. So it looks as if this will be a sort of in between story for them. The next one – I hope – will be at his house.

So I’ve got to wrap this one up, edit it, send it to my beta (looking for another beta, btw! please message, email or DM me on Twitter if you’re interested) and get to work coming up with a new cover idea – since it’s not the ‘Night Over’ storyline – and the stuff sent to @KMMDesigns so she can work her magic!

Can’t wait to get this up and published.  Deadline to have it in the Amazon store is next Friday.

Well, off to work on a new item for the day job!!

Erotica Writer INTERVIEW: Jason Jaxx


Jason Jaxx is an author of erotica, starting out on the journey of self-publishing. An avid reader, music lover and geek, he is, obviously, a fan of erotica and adult-themed entertainment. He is happily married to a beautiful woman who, while sharing his belief that fantasy is essential to a healthy sex life, does not know about his writing. Holding a stressful job that offers no creative outlet, he views writing as a welcome release and challenges himself to explore different themes and styles.

He does not enjoy writing about himself in the third person.


Nymph Du Pave: What inspired you to write?

Jason Jaxx: I have always loved reading and writing was just a natural extension of that. I wrote short stories and started several novels but never seriously considered it as anything more than a hobby.

Favorite authors include Thomas Pynchon, Jonathon Franzen, Stephen King and Alan Moore.

My love (some might say obsession) for music led to me contributing reviews to fanzines and music magazines. (I consider music journalism to be a huge inspiration and an underrated form of literature – to write about something as esoteric and subjective as music in such a way as to influence and inspire the reader is a real skill)

Writing erotica was inspired by boredom and frustration at work and the fantasies I found myself indulging in. I contribute

d several short pieces to various sites with varying degrees of (generally favorable) feedback until I eventually got up the nerve to publish my first novella ‘A Night On The Town‘ on Smashwords. That proved to be a life changing moment.


NDP: What are your current projects?

JJ: Seducing Stephanie‘ (The MILF Files Book 3) – the latest in my series starring Jennifer, a mature woman, who embarks upon a sexual voyage of discovery with her son’s best friend.

The Medallion‘ – an erotic thriller about an amulet that bestows the wearer with mystical sexual abilities.

I’m also writing some non-erotic stuff that I may publish under a different name.


NDP: Do you see writing as a career?

JJ: Not yet. I love doing it and at the moment it is so incredibly rewarding from a creative perspective that financial gain is not a motivating factor. Of course, I would love to get paid to write full time but feel I still have so much to learn and improve on.


NDP: Can you share a little of your current work with us?

JJ: Sure – I have included the first chapter of The Medallion– it’s still a work in progress but I would appreciate any comments.  (BLOG OWNER NOTE: This download is of an adult nature.  By downloading and reading it you are acknowledging you are of age in your country to do so and are following all appropriate laws).


NDP: Is there anything you find particularly challenging in your writing?

JJ: I love writing erotica but I always find myself writing long, detailed passages about sex which means I don’t always get the chance to flesh out characters and plot lines. The darn sex just keeps getting in the way! I realize that this isn’t really a problem with men’s erotica but nothing I have published so far has much of a plot beyond people get together and have sex.

The Medallion‘ will hopefully see a bit more in the way of plot and characterization (although the first chapter may not be the best indication of that). The (unplanned) ongoing nature of ‘The MILF Files’ is also allowing me to explore and develop the lead characters beyond the initial ‘fuck & suck‘ short story that started it off.


NDP: What is the hardest part of writing?

JJ: Finding the time to sit down and write uninterrupted.

Keeping the erotic stuff a secret.

Coming up with different words for ‘penis’.


NDP: Have you learned anything from writing? What was it?

JJ: I’ve learnt that I can write which was nice and that there are people out there that enjoy what I write which is even nicer.

I also found that characters can sometimes take you in different directions from which you originally intended for them which I find fascinating


NDP: What do you feel are your strong points? What about things you’re working to improve?

JJ: I feel that dialogue and vivid descriptions of sexual acts are my strong points (which are handy for my chosen genre).

As a novice author, I am aware that there is always room for improving my overall abilities as a story teller – I try and challenge myself to write from different perspectives or try out different voices.

Editing and grammar are my nemesis. I reread and double check everything I’ve written but something always seems to slip through! I am constantly reminded that there is so much I don’t know or have forgotten.


NDP: How do you find inspiration?

JJ: Inspiration comes from several places. Movies, TV and people watching can inspire specific scenarios or ideas for characters.

For the sex scenes, I tend to write about what turns me on. Being a guy that’s pretty much anything but I do try to fully explore a particular scenario or setting. Some of it is based loosely on real life events.

A Night On the Town‘ started with a short fantasy I wrote about going out with my wife and getting orally pleasured on the way. I posted it and thought that was that but I got a few comments asking for the next part. I added further chapters, trying to raise the depravity stakes with each one until it basically turned into two people out of their heads on drugs, fucking each other mindlessly.

Others like Mom Is A Slut‘ basically come from me getting an idea, sitting down and just writing out the scenario as it plays in my head.


NDP: How do you keep the love of writing alive?

JJ: The creative outlet is provides is enough to keep me going at the moment. . I love the idea that I don’t always know exactly how a scene or chapter will play out until I start writing it.

The nice thing for me about writing erotica is that it is an end in itself. It’s like I can create my own porn which sounds crude but it really motivates me to keep on writing. I like the idea of creating something that turns me and (hopefully) others on.


NDP: Do you ever experience writer’s block? If so how do you get through it?

JJ: At the moment, I have loads of ideas and possible storylines in my head so I don’t have an issue with not knowing where my next book is going to come from.

However, I often find myself stuck on a particular scene or piece of dialogue where I’m not sure how to proceed. When this happens I switch to another book, jump to another part of the story or do a bit of editing until something clicks and I can get unstuck. I also find that driving while listening to music is a great facilitator in coming up with ideas or resolutions.


NDP: Do you have any advice for other writers?

JJ: As a novice author with (extremely) modest sales, the best advice I can give is:

  • Don’t be afraid to put your work out there. I found Smashwords to be the ideal place to start off. Read their style guide, follow it and publish your work.
  • Make sure you edit your work.
  • Then edit it again.
  • Use Twitter and other social networks to get in touch with other writers and readers.
  • Write for yourself
  • Negative criticism is hard but if it is constructive, try and take it to heart and address it. My editing skills are often called into question and it makes me more determined then ever to improve them.


NDP: Do you write an outline before every book/story you write?

JJ: Not really. I have a basic outline in my head of where I want the overall story to go. I then break it up into chapters and jot down the story elements I want to hit in each one. I then write a rough draft of the chapter before going back and tightening it up. I often end up going in directions I had never planned on and since I enjoy this spontaneity, I try not to plot everything out too carefully beforehand. Once again, erotica is a wonderful medium in that it allows for this fluidity. As long as you stay true to your characters, you can take them wherever your imagination wants them to go.


NDP: What’s a typical working day like for you? When and where do you write? Do you set a daily/weekly writing goal?

JJ: I aim to write a little bit each day. I usually get some rough outlines done in the morning before I head off to work. During lunch or quiet moments during the day I expand on what I’ve done and then try do some editing in the evening. This, of course, is all dependent on how busy I am at work or with family commitments. Keeping my activities secret from everyone also adds a level of difficulty when trying to allocate time.

My goal is to get in about 500-1000 words a day, not all of which ends up being published but I feel I need to strengthen my writing ‘muscles’ and the only way to do that, is to write.


NDP: Where would you like to be 5 years from now?

JJ: Alive and happy surrounded by family and friends


NDP: If you had to choose, which writer would you consider a mentor?

JJ: I don’t know about mentor but Amanda Charvi (@AmandaCharvi) is definitely my inspiration and guide for my first awkward steps in publishing – her blog (amandacharvi.blogspot.com) literally inspired me to publish on Smashwords. She seemed to be facing the same doubts and fears that I was and just pushed through them. I asked her a few questions on Twitter and she generously sent me an awesome email that was incredibly helpful and contained several informative links. She has since posted a version of this on her site. It really was the spark that I needed to set me off on the journey of self-publishing. Thanks again Amanda!


NDP: What question have you always wanted to be asked in an interview? How would you answer that question?

JJ: “Would you like to do an interview?”

I would and thank you for giving a fledging author this opportunity.



Email: radiomancer@hotmail.com

Twitter: http://twitter.com/jasonjaxx

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=768939250

Tumblr: jasonjaxx.tumblr.com (WARNING: Contains graphic sexual images)

Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/author/jasonjaxx

Smashwords: https://www.smashwords.com/profile/view/jasonjaxx



I want to thank Jason for taking the time for this interview!

I hope you enjoyed this interview.  If you are an author and would like to be interviewed please contact me at ndpave@gmail.com or send me a direct message on Twitter (@nymphdupave).  Thanks!

So close and yet… no boom for Corrine!! Also, intervew talk!

99.03% close to finishing my word count and I stop!  Lol.  Still, I did get just over the minimum 500 word count per day and I have work from the day job that I’ve got to get out.  So I had to stop.  But Corrine is about to get a thorough pounding.  Whew!  The thing with BDSM is there is so much drawing out of lust.  The point is ecstasy, to keep that feeling, to keep the arousal until the perfect time to conclude, and even upon finishing, you’re setting up for the next go ’round.  It’s lovely to write.

I have set up Tuesdays as my interview days.  I’m looking towards having interviews every two weeks with different authors, new and old, all hopefully in the Erotica/Romance genre.  My first two are Jason Jaxx and Liia Ann White.

I plan on having writers sharing inspiration, how they commit daily to writing, some of their work as well as where you can follow their blogs or facebook pages.

I am really looking forward to getting to know more and more Erotica writers out there!

Occasionally Writing is Like Going to the Dentist

Man, today was rough! I woke up late, my neck, shoulders and back were tense (thank goodness for Yoga!!) and then the writing just wasn’t coming at ALL. I stuck with it though, determined to get my 500. The first 400 words were like the dentist sticking the needles in your gums, saying your going to feel a “pinch” but really meaning a “STAB”.

Then of course the weirdest thing happened; the flow hit. Ha. Writing is incredible! It took about 2 hours of hemming and hawing and letting myself get distracted to get 400 words. Then I write about 900 more in about 40 minutes.

I swear on my words and The Flow, writing it the best drug in the world. I love my alcohol, but nothing gets you high like writing, baby!

And, damn, there was some hot shit in there. Hmmmm… I really like Manuel. He’s a good Master for Corrine. I hope to have this story – in rough draft – finished tomorrow and ready for publication sometime next week.

Holy crap. I might have to go take advantage of my husband before he heads to school, ha!

Word Count: 1339

Some BDSM Character Exploration and Hey, My Word Count Exploded!

1061 words.  Wow.  I was on a freaking role this morning.  All of that was within about 30 to 40 minutes – and a HUGE thanks goes to my husband who made it possible.  He made me a double shot of espresso and a new pot of coffee. I was so sluggish this morning, have no idea why.

But that’s all blah blah.  I am finding Corrine’s journey is a mental one too.  At first I was going to just write the sex, but I just cannot do that. Pretty much ever.  I always have to have a bond of some sort, a need and desire, a romance.  I don’t think that there is anything wrong with that at all.  On the contrary; knowing what I love and think is important makes my writing stronger.

I am exploring Corrine’s attachment to Manuel and her deepening desires.  BDSM is so misunderstood, and I am pleased to be able to write what I feel about the “fetish”.

In my writings I am finding out a lot more about myself and the people who read my stuff.  I tend to like strong heroes and heroines, but the heroine’s also tend to be submissive to their love interests.  This is not a weakness in anyway and they would not tolerate mistreatment or abuse.  Instead the submission of such an independent human is a show of love, trust and desire.  To let the hero take charge and do what will be done sexually…  It’s a turn on.

Not all of my female characters are written this way.  For instance, Annabeth (from “Lust in the Rain“) is a very strong, determined character.  She’s struggled with the failure of her marriage and takes charge of both her destiny and the situation with Jacob.  She pushes both the story and the sex forward.

All of my female characters are pretty strong, even Corrine.  I write her as someone with desires she’s kept secret from the world and partially from herself.  Within her growing relationship to Manual (her Master) she finds more and more definition to her life and more strength.

It’s an awesome start to a day for me 🙂

Schedule Shift: Thanks Real Life :/

As sometimes happens, my current routine and schedule has failed me the last few days.  I haven’t even blogged.  Yesterday I was blessed with an influx of work from the day jobs, but this means less time to write.  So for now, I have flipped things around. 

Exercise before anything, then breakfast and emails, then meditation, then writing.  My goal is a simple 500 words a day.  When I get that done I move onto the day job and other obligations, like studying Make Up and Special Effects during my lunch hour.  Once everything on my to do list is done then, if I want, I can get back to writing.

I’m stuck with Leo & Mariana, argh, so I moved on to the next of the ‘Corrine’s Adventures‘ stories.  I plan for a total of five of them and for them to be between 3250 and 3500 words.  So far I’ve only gotten 1/5 done.

This morning’s word count was 554.  Now, onto the day job.

Real Life Intrudes

Today I have worked super-hard and yet I feel so far from my ultimate goals.  I volunteered today for a few hours (and have to get up early tomorrow to do the same) for tornado relief.  Since seeing that tornado forming only a block away from my house and fearing for the lives of my animals then hearing on the scanner as it spun 45 mph in a different direction… well, I’ve felt a little blessed.

When we found out yesterday (after a walk to check on a Geocache and a trip around the block) about a tornado relief effort for those effected, how could I not help?  Not only am I still effected by the memory of the sound, the hammering rain, the sight of that funnel and the enveloping fear that it would take my cats and dogs (and much less fearful – my business, writing and home) but I can truly feel in my entire body that Buddhist loving-kindness filling my soul and wanting to help others.  Because on this Earth we are what we do and how we effect others.

I didn’t get any writing done today 😦  So even though I worked hard, I didn’t reach my word count.

However, I have started putting together a routine that includes time for myself, ample time for the day job, and time for writing.  Lots of time for writing (and this includes promotion, blogging, tweeting, discussions with my FANTASTIC cover artist (Kristin Mummert), plotting, etc.  Hopefully that will be put together sometime next week and implemented just as quickly.

For now I know at least that I helped people, at least a little.  Good night and good writing!

Price Change: From 2.99 to Just .99

Just a quick post today.  I realized that I felt that – while I stand by my writing and feel it’s more than worthy of a read from paying customers – I didn’t want to charge $2.99 for something that is anywhere from 3400 to 5500 words.  Though more people do charge this and I have purchased from them and hold nothing against them, it isn’t the right price for me.

I felt that my readers would get more value from my stories if maybe I gave them the quickies for, well, the dollar menu price.  My lusty words might not be too healthy for you in some people’s eyes, but then how yummy are those french fries??  Omg, I am a sucker for salty french fries.  That’s what I feel my words equate with – that and potato chips.

Okay, besides the point.  I know that I make far more money if buyers purchase the stories at $2.99 and I know buyers are willing to pay that.  But I don’t want that.  I want someone to take that same $2.99 buy THREE of my stories and still have .02 left over to add to the next time they want to pick up a Nymph Du Pave story.  Because I want everyone to read EVERYTHING I write!  Seriously!

Because for me it’s not about making money.   It’s about spreading sexy, lusty goodness!!

And if you’re interested in leaving me an HONEST review on Amazon, shoot me a DM on Twitter, an email or a message here and I’ll send you a free copy of one of the three .99 cent stories I am selling.  Leave me a review – honest, doesnt have to be 5 freaking stars – and that will be payment for me.  I want others to know what they’re getting into when purchasing.

Night-night for now!!

New Snippet: M/M from the “Rook City, FD” story

Okay, so I have changed my mind about what to do with the Rook City story.  I am not aiming for 60k, but instead 15 to 20k.  So now it needs editing because, well, it’s over the end goal of 20k.

I’ve been busy like crazy today, so all I’ve got for you today is a snippet, but I am hoping to have some interviews with other authors on my blog soon.  About finding the time to write, inspiration, what to do to get inspired on a daily basis, setting goals, etc.

For now, here’s the snippet.  Be warned, it is unedited and M/M (hot man on man action, baby!!):

Mel couldn’t breathe and didn’t care. The kid was all over him, his hands roaming up his chest and back, his mouth pushing and pushing hard.

I promised.

He pulled away, his hands on Richard’s shoulders holding him at a distance. “I can’t. Not with you.”

“What the fuck is wrong with me?” It wasn’t asked with anger, instead it was soft and pleading and it almost ripped Mel apart.

“Jesus, pushing you away is the hardest thing I think I’ve ever had to do, Richard. But I promised your sister I would take care of you.”

Richard laughed. “So take care of me.”

“She told me that you were vulnerable. I can’t do this.”

Richard took his hands off his shoulders and closed the distance without a struggle from Mel. There was only so much he could do and those brown eyes were filled with lust for him.

“My sister thinks I’m still four years old, Mel. Do you?”

“Definitely not.”

“I’ve been making my own decisions since I was sixteen. I went into my first burning house at 19. You trust me to pull a man out of a burning house, but not to make my own decisions on who to fuck?”

Mel shut his eyes and leaned back, his head hitting the concrete wall. He didn’t feel a thing.

“Or who to let fuck me?”

He groaned. His dick pressed against his jeans and he replayed the kiss in his head. He knew he had logical arguments in his head, but god damn it his blood soared, pounding in his ears, his heart pumping so hard. Richard tasted good and made him feel so alive.

“I know what you need.”

He looked at the younger man. His strong arms were crossed over his chest and a smirk played across his face.

“A conscience?”

Richard shook his head, but didn’t answer. Instead he closed the distance and pushed his body against Mel’s.

He groaned again and instinctively pressed back, rubbing his hard cock against the other man’s.

“That feels good, man.”

“Kiss me.”

Richard didn’t hesitate. Lips met and the fight started. There wasn’t any winner but they took turns kissing each other, biting lips and licking, pushing and shoving.

He felt Richard’s hands on his ass, then tugging on his jeans and suddenly his pants were on the floor.

“I know,” the kid gasped. “-exactly what you need old man.”

When Richard got down on his knees, Mel couldn’t breathe. He didn’t know what to say. “I won’t last,” he managed.

“Better enjoy it while you can then.”

Okay, so hope you enjoyed it!  Night-night!