Why sharing my writing before publication makes me nervous – and happy!

Posting snippets makes me a little nervous.  Most of the time they’ll be unedited bits and pieces from my recent writings.  I won’t publish them as is, so if there are any typos, grammar issues, spelling, etc it will probably be fixed in the final piece.  HOPEFULLY myself or my beta readers will catch it, lol.

It’s kind of rare of me to share something so raw.  It won’t always have a texture to it.  The first words-on-paper draft is a very detailed outline for me, but not exactly poetic or well-written.  So it makes me nervous to share these things.  I don’t want anyone thinking that it’s the best I’ve got.

I didn’t always share before edits.  In my other two blogs and my fanfiction, I just wrote, polished and posted without giving sneak peaks.  It worked really well at the time.

However, I think it’s super important for me to share what I am working on by talking about plots, characters, scenes or giving away little pieces of the work.  It makes it more fun for me and since this isn’t fanfiction it builds a certain hope or desire in my readers.  Maybe they’ll want to know what happens with my characters – and isn’t that always the hope?

I cannot wait until I have a few stories up here on the blog for free so that readers can judge what a polished piece by me looks like.  I am also putting together a newsletter, so stay tuned 😉  I should have a link to it in a day or two!!