Working and Writing

“Leo & Mariana” is the current WIP and is the story I want to finish right now.  It’s harder and harder recently to make the time to write, but I need a minimum word count each day.  I’m thinking around 500 words.  That way I can get it out even if I only have a few minutes to write during the day.

The day job with my Etsy stores takes up a lot of time.  Making jewelry and posting it is just a portion of the time.  You’ve also got customer service, marketing, new design creation, etc.  Not to mention taxes, ugh.

So I hope to finished “Leo & Mariana” by Monday of next week and send it off to a beta reader, then head into my Rook City story.  I’m changing it from 50k to 15 to 20k, as Silver Publishing has an open call for a men in uniform stories.  It would be awesome-sauce if I could get posted there 🙂

So tired.  Almost time for bed.  Hope everyone out there has had a great day 🙂