Working and Writing

“Leo & Mariana” is the current WIP and is the story I want to finish right now.  It’s harder and harder recently to make the time to write, but I need a minimum word count each day.  I’m thinking around 500 words.  That way I can get it out even if I only have a few minutes to write during the day.

The day job with my Etsy stores takes up a lot of time.  Making jewelry and posting it is just a portion of the time.  You’ve also got customer service, marketing, new design creation, etc.  Not to mention taxes, ugh.

So I hope to finished “Leo & Mariana” by Monday of next week and send it off to a beta reader, then head into my Rook City story.  I’m changing it from 50k to 15 to 20k, as Silver Publishing has an open call for a men in uniform stories.  It would be awesome-sauce if I could get posted there 🙂

So tired.  Almost time for bed.  Hope everyone out there has had a great day 🙂

2 thoughts on “Working and Writing

  1. With all of the overhead of not only working but self-promoting, blogging, editing, creating covers. I switched my writing goal to a weekly goal of 3,000 words. This allows me to deal with the eb and flow of the week and not get down on myself when I don’t have time to writie for a day.


  2. That’s roughly the same, just with a day taken out, lol. How many days do you write on average? I try to get some done everyday, but there is just so much to do with other work (the day jobs) as well as what you’re mentioning. It’s hard to get everything done.

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