New Sexy Cover for Corrine’s Adventures: Master. I am SOO Pumped!

Master Cover

Well, my cover artist did it again!!  I sent her a couple of pictures, a crappy mock up and BAM!  She gives me magic!  And so quickly!

She works so well with me, understanding when I am picky and what my issues are.  She never complains at all, just takes the critiques and my ideas and turns them into what I see as perfection.

Best cover artist ever.

And the cover?  Sexy!!  It’s making me wish I had everything already published, lol!

Still, the book should be out late Monday or early Tuesday.  I’ll post about it for sure.

If anyone else is interested in using my cover artist, Kristin Mummert, you can contact her at or on Twitter at @KMMDesigns.  She doesn’t ask me to pimp her, I do that on my own 😀