Price Change: From 2.99 to Just .99

Just a quick post today.  I realized that I felt that – while I stand by my writing and feel it’s more than worthy of a read from paying customers – I didn’t want to charge $2.99 for something that is anywhere from 3400 to 5500 words.  Though more people do charge this and I have purchased from them and hold nothing against them, it isn’t the right price for me.

I felt that my readers would get more value from my stories if maybe I gave them the quickies for, well, the dollar menu price.  My lusty words might not be too healthy for you in some people’s eyes, but then how yummy are those french fries??  Omg, I am a sucker for salty french fries.  That’s what I feel my words equate with – that and potato chips.

Okay, besides the point.  I know that I make far more money if buyers purchase the stories at $2.99 and I know buyers are willing to pay that.  But I don’t want that.  I want someone to take that same $2.99 buy THREE of my stories and still have .02 left over to add to the next time they want to pick up a Nymph Du Pave story.  Because I want everyone to read EVERYTHING I write!  Seriously!

Because for me it’s not about making money.   It’s about spreading sexy, lusty goodness!!

And if you’re interested in leaving me an HONEST review on Amazon, shoot me a DM on Twitter, an email or a message here and I’ll send you a free copy of one of the three .99 cent stories I am selling.  Leave me a review – honest, doesnt have to be 5 freaking stars – and that will be payment for me.  I want others to know what they’re getting into when purchasing.

Night-night for now!!