Real Life Intrudes

Today I have worked super-hard and yet I feel so far from my ultimate goals.  I volunteered today for a few hours (and have to get up early tomorrow to do the same) for tornado relief.  Since seeing that tornado forming only a block away from my house and fearing for the lives of my animals then hearing on the scanner as it spun 45 mph in a different direction… well, I’ve felt a little blessed.

When we found out yesterday (after a walk to check on a Geocache and a trip around the block) about a tornado relief effort for those effected, how could I not help?  Not only am I still effected by the memory of the sound, the hammering rain, the sight of that funnel and the enveloping fear that it would take my cats and dogs (and much less fearful – my business, writing and home) but I can truly feel in my entire body that Buddhist loving-kindness filling my soul and wanting to help others.  Because on this Earth we are what we do and how we effect others.

I didn’t get any writing done today 😦  So even though I worked hard, I didn’t reach my word count.

However, I have started putting together a routine that includes time for myself, ample time for the day job, and time for writing.  Lots of time for writing (and this includes promotion, blogging, tweeting, discussions with my FANTASTIC cover artist (Kristin Mummert), plotting, etc.  Hopefully that will be put together sometime next week and implemented just as quickly.

For now I know at least that I helped people, at least a little.  Good night and good writing!