Schedule Shift: Thanks Real Life :/

As sometimes happens, my current routine and schedule has failed me the last few days.  I haven’t even blogged.  Yesterday I was blessed with an influx of work from the day jobs, but this means less time to write.  So for now, I have flipped things around. 

Exercise before anything, then breakfast and emails, then meditation, then writing.  My goal is a simple 500 words a day.  When I get that done I move onto the day job and other obligations, like studying Make Up and Special Effects during my lunch hour.  Once everything on my to do list is done then, if I want, I can get back to writing.

I’m stuck with Leo & Mariana, argh, so I moved on to the next of the ‘Corrine’s Adventures‘ stories.  I plan for a total of five of them and for them to be between 3250 and 3500 words.  So far I’ve only gotten 1/5 done.

This morning’s word count was 554.  Now, onto the day job.