Some BDSM Character Exploration and Hey, My Word Count Exploded!

1061 words.  Wow.  I was on a freaking role this morning.  All of that was within about 30 to 40 minutes – and a HUGE thanks goes to my husband who made it possible.  He made me a double shot of espresso and a new pot of coffee. I was so sluggish this morning, have no idea why.

But that’s all blah blah.  I am finding Corrine’s journey is a mental one too.  At first I was going to just write the sex, but I just cannot do that. Pretty much ever.  I always have to have a bond of some sort, a need and desire, a romance.  I don’t think that there is anything wrong with that at all.  On the contrary; knowing what I love and think is important makes my writing stronger.

I am exploring Corrine’s attachment to Manuel and her deepening desires.  BDSM is so misunderstood, and I am pleased to be able to write what I feel about the “fetish”.

In my writings I am finding out a lot more about myself and the people who read my stuff.  I tend to like strong heroes and heroines, but the heroine’s also tend to be submissive to their love interests.  This is not a weakness in anyway and they would not tolerate mistreatment or abuse.  Instead the submission of such an independent human is a show of love, trust and desire.  To let the hero take charge and do what will be done sexually…  It’s a turn on.

Not all of my female characters are written this way.  For instance, Annabeth (from “Lust in the Rain“) is a very strong, determined character.  She’s struggled with the failure of her marriage and takes charge of both her destiny and the situation with Jacob.  She pushes both the story and the sex forward.

All of my female characters are pretty strong, even Corrine.  I write her as someone with desires she’s kept secret from the world and partially from herself.  Within her growing relationship to Manual (her Master) she finds more and more definition to her life and more strength.

It’s an awesome start to a day for me 🙂