Occasionally Writing is Like Going to the Dentist

Man, today was rough! I woke up late, my neck, shoulders and back were tense (thank goodness for Yoga!!) and then the writing just wasn’t coming at ALL. I stuck with it though, determined to get my 500. The first 400 words were like the dentist sticking the needles in your gums, saying your going to feel a “pinch” but really meaning a “STAB”.

Then of course the weirdest thing happened; the flow hit. Ha. Writing is incredible! It took about 2 hours of hemming and hawing and letting myself get distracted to get 400 words. Then I write about 900 more in about 40 minutes.

I swear on my words and The Flow, writing it the best drug in the world. I love my alcohol, but nothing gets you high like writing, baby!

And, damn, there was some hot shit in there. Hmmmm… I really like Manuel. He’s a good Master for Corrine. I hope to have this story – in rough draft – finished tomorrow and ready for publication sometime next week.

Holy crap. I might have to go take advantage of my husband before he heads to school, ha!

Word Count: 1339

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