So close and yet… no boom for Corrine!! Also, intervew talk!

99.03% close to finishing my word count and I stop!  Lol.  Still, I did get just over the minimum 500 word count per day and I have work from the day job that I’ve got to get out.  So I had to stop.  But Corrine is about to get a thorough pounding.  Whew!  The thing with BDSM is there is so much drawing out of lust.  The point is ecstasy, to keep that feeling, to keep the arousal until the perfect time to conclude, and even upon finishing, you’re setting up for the next go ’round.  It’s lovely to write.

I have set up Tuesdays as my interview days.  I’m looking towards having interviews every two weeks with different authors, new and old, all hopefully in the Erotica/Romance genre.  My first two are Jason Jaxx and Liia Ann White.

I plan on having writers sharing inspiration, how they commit daily to writing, some of their work as well as where you can follow their blogs or facebook pages.

I am really looking forward to getting to know more and more Erotica writers out there!

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