Update on ‘Corrine’s Adventures’ Part 2

Eleven days with no update, wow, I got really lazy. Okay, well, it wasn’t laziness. It was life trying to get in the way and I let it. However well things are going in one area, something else always slips. I will try not to let that something in the future be writing.

I let my Master story get away from me. Today I have chopped it down to roughly 2900 words. It was going in the wrong direction. I was trying to force it to be a night over at his house when Corrine and Manuel obviously had other plans. So it looks as if this will be a sort of in between story for them. The next one – I hope – will be at his house.

So I’ve got to wrap this one up, edit it, send it to my beta (looking for another beta, btw! please message, email or DM me on Twitter if you’re interested) and get to work coming up with a new cover idea – since it’s not the ‘Night Over’ storyline – and the stuff sent to @KMMDesigns so she can work her magic!

Can’t wait to get this up and published.  Deadline to have it in the Amazon store is next Friday.

Well, off to work on a new item for the day job!!