End Game Plot Bunnies & Pushing to the Finish Line

I’ve heard a few other writers have this same issue: at the end of the novel/story – if you can manage to get there in the first place – you get distracted.  All of a sudden there are plot bunnies hopping around and fornicating left and right.  Andplot bunnies have no gestation period.  It’s fornicate = multiply, fornicate = multiply.

While this is good in the way of ideas (although sometimes they’re only good ideas in the way your ideas in dreams are good; when you wake up and smell the coffee you wonder where your subconscious is getting the dream crack) it’s bad in the way of getting something finished.

Today and yesterday I’ve filled with day job work, jotting down ideas, husband time and more day job work.  I seem to be avoiding wrapping up the second story.  Which is sad because Corrine’s Adventure’s: Master has so far been my more popular story.

So, while I am curious as to what exactly I am avoiding, first on tomorrow’s To Do list is finish the damn thing.  Not get my word count, but FINISH.  I want to have it off to the beta and back by Wednesday with a cover from my cover artist due as soon as she gets finished…  I want this thing out by Friday if possible, but at the latest next Sunday.

I am off for now however I would be a tool not to mention my awesome new header/banner for my blog.  It’s simple, fun, silly, sexy and of course caffeinated.  If you’re interested cover art or headers check out my friend, Kristin Mummert!  Don’t be afraid to approach her no matter what: she works with every budget!  Even mine, lol.