Cover for ‘Master’s Return’


It’s what I am doing now.  I am clearing my desk of distractions (nail stuff, work, letters, more work), going to get myself a nice fat drink of something, settle down with my comfy clothes and tons of Extra gum and get this bitch to the finish line.

The cover has truly added some enthusiasm and perk to me 🙂


AHHHHHH!  Oh my goodness!  I just got my new cover in and I freaking love it.  I am in love with another cover done by my cover artist, Kristin Mummert.  Seriously, she might do things she considers simple to change the photos I send her, but to me she does the work needed to create exactly the look I want.

And FAST too!  Covers have from 1 to 2 week deadlines – so I almost fell out of my seat this morning when I got her email with the first mock up.  Wow!

I wish I was a famous writer just so I could get her more work.  I have to enthuse because without her I’d be stuck trying to figure out GIMP and creating shoddy crap covers in comparison.  I cannot thank her enough for what she creates for me.

If you’re interested, please check her out at KMM Designs.  She’s just starting out so her prices are beyond reasonable (get her early; she needs the work for her portfolio and is willing to deal on the prices) so tell her your budget and she’ll work hard to create something you’re happy with.  Feel free to DM her on Twitter: she’s @KMMDesigns


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