Busy Day, Not Leaving out the SEX!

I had a busy day today with taxes, bills, finances, customer service, orders and family.  Yesterday was nice, my brother came to visit, but that left more work for me to get done today and tomorrow.  Tons of sales from the day job really made my day today and now I am sitting at the computer ready to get my minimum word count before finishing up the orders.

I’ve gone over the plot for the next few story’s in the ‘Corrine’s Adventure’ series.  The ending of ‘Master’s Return‘ gave me an unexpected surprise.  Usually I keep my characters reigned in, but Manuel told Corrine she was taking a three day weekend immediately.  So now I’ve had to rearrange my stories (even deleted one after the plot of ‘Master’s Return‘ switched around on me!!) and while I’m not entirely sure what the heck she’s going to be doing for the entire three days, it’s promising to be and intense love-fest, lol.

I’m also intrigued with a few other stories I’ve got fluttering around here.  I also am losing a little weight (hard work pays off!!) and have been looking at some lingerie and – as personal as that might be – it’s given me an incredibly fun idea for a trilogy of novellas, about 15k a piece, with three different women, all friends and all with different tastes in lovers and sexual encounters.

Looking forward to fleshing that series out, but for now I’m going to work a little on a PWP that’s just for stress relief and fun!

Good night all!