Oh, don’t mind the mess. My brain just exploded. That’s all.

Like a monkey on the sun, it was too hot to live.

Only, I’m talking about my brain, not Becky-The-Fanfic-Writer’s love for Sam Winchester.  Ahhh.  Good show.

Sooo busy.  Lots of orders from the day job, JUST finished my taxes and got them to my accountant, I have four 2000 word tutorial/articles with screenshots due between tomorrow and Sunday morning (at the latest) AND I still want to get my writing in.  Not to mention I have a new shop I need to open, a spring/summer line of products still to go up AND new stories to develop.  How in the world am I supposed to find all the time I need?

The orders from the day job take soooo much damn time.  I haven’t cleaned my studio/office in weeks and it’s a wreck.  I’m beginning to think that my husband is right: I put impossible deadlines on myself and need to create real office hours for the jewelry.  But I can’t neglect a customer’s request at 1am if I am still up.  I guess I could turn off the wifi to the laptop, but I’m not sure exactly how well I would handle that.  I’d keep thinking every fifteen minutes that a new order came in…  *Sigh*

I’m pretty much going to spend the entire day tomorrow writing these four articles.  Really, really decent pay, holy crap.  The deadline I WANT to meet on them is tomorrow night, but it might take me until early Sunday to get all four of them out.

I need to list all the steps in each project individually and then try and cross at least one off a day.  Like the new line, the new shop, new products and stories.  I’ve got stories that are done and need editing, stories that need finishing, stories I’ve gotten only a little ways in and story ideas dangling left and right.

Life was really simpler when I worked a pay-by-the-hour day job (would love to find one locally) and then wrote in my off hours/down time.  What the hell was I DOING with all my time?!?  Hindsight’s always 20/20, huh?

Lastly, I have two books to finish and review, a great interview with Amanda Charvi to get formatted and post for Tuesday AND finances for LAST month to finish so I never, EVER get stuck doing taxes at the last minute again.

Excuse me while I crawl into a hot bath with a 40 and fall sleep to my dog growling at the nothing in the corner that haunts my dreams.  *Sigh*