Free Erotic Serial – First Part Goes Out!

I’m so excited.  Chapter one is officially out in less than 5 minutes!  Soon it will be speeding towards inboxes ready to entice!  If you’ve subscribed to the newsletter, you’re about to get the first of many free chapters.

It’s been years since I’ve written something like this, where I limited myself in work count (500 to 999 each chapter) and output (once a week only).  I’m happy to be back to doing this, only now it’s with an original work – so the pressure’s on!!

I want to be able to converse with people about what I am writing so if you feel like taking part, come here!  If there are any questions, concerns, comments (etc) about the first part, this is the place to post!!  Each week with each new chapter, I’ll post a new entry in which to leave your feelings or discuss what happened.

I hope you love what you read!