Concern Regarding the Free Serial

I have been working on the free erotica for my newsletter subscribers and I’ve been left with a big concern.

My original intention was to create a cast of 6 main characters and at least 2 secondary (if not 4) and rotate between the main characters every week with a possible interlude now and again with one of the secondaries.  But I’m wondering now if this is not too wide a range of characters for a weekly erotica.  It would be 7 weeks before you get back to the character who started the entire thing.  By then it would be possible to have lost interest or even forgotten what had happened previously.

I’m thinking about cutting this down to particular storylines and creating several solid pieces with just two main characters each.  At the same time the other characters are in the background and things are being set up, like dominoes.  Different things fall into place with each story and that way I’ll give my readers a better sense of fulfillment.

I did want to create this crazy soap opera feel, but I think this isn’t the right format.  Unless I gave my readers a piece of everyone’s puzzle with each installment.  I would think that would be once every two weeks or even once a month.  With 6 main characters (3 separate erotic stories) and 2 to 4 secondaries (lots of possibility here too) that’s a lot of writing to be reading in one sitting.

So, decision made.  Take one erotic adventure at a time.

This certainly opens up different avenues for me!  Yay!

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