Free Erotic Serial – Second Chapter Out In Five!

Chapter Two should be out in about 5 minutes or so – if you’ve subscribed to the newsletter.   If you feel like taking part, come and leave your comments here!  Any questions, concerns, (etc) this is the place to post.  I hope you love what you read!

4 thoughts on “Free Erotic Serial – Second Chapter Out In Five!

  1. I like how Grey is developing as a person and I like her pencil skirt. I got good image of her sitting at her desk 🙂 the s other character are shadowy but intriguing

  2. Loving the slow build up which will no doubt lead to a satisfying climax for all concerned 😉 You have a great handle on your characters so while your concerns about not wanting to lose the reader between installments with too many characters is valid, it would be nice to be teased by some sideline action along the way (which sounds like your intention anyway). Can’t wait to see how this develops….

    1. Thanks so much, Jason! I’m so glad you are enjoying it 🙂 Yes, I definitely have a little extra from other characters involved. I’m hoping people enjoy them, even if their scenes are intended to be more intriguing than fulfilling.

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