Writing Has Suffered & Aweber (Newsletter Service) Seems to Hate Me


This has been the busiest month (with the day job) I have ever had without any huge advertising promotion, and even with the large promotions, they gave a quick burst – not a sustained one.  That being said I am also hitting 1000 sales (might have this morning, haven’t received payment for the item just yet so it doesn’t count) which triggers a very large giveaway that I have been planning for two months.  It’s not even a giveaway in which I gain anything – it’s all for my previous customers.

With that said I have been “slacking” in the writing department.  I got off schedule and started putting the day job before everything else.  This is not only mentally draining, it’s just plain stupid; I have a work-from-home day job.  I make my own schedule.  One of the pros is that even when you’re busy you can decide what goes where in the puzzle of your daily life.  Sure, to squeeze more in that means I have to wake up earlier or go to bed later; but I can do things in an order that makes sense for me.

I’ve been letting my damn job control me again… at that point I might as well still be working at my old job for 60 to 80 hours a week.  So, I’ll be getting up earlier to get my priority items done – one item of that list is my writing.


Thanks to being swamped with the day job, and the subsequent fact that I haven’t been prioritizing properly, it took me until today to find out what the HECK was wrong with my Aweber account.  I know it wasn’t a payment problem – I see the bill paid every month and chastise myself for not using the service to the utmost of it’s abilities, but whatever.

I found the issue that has kept me two weeks behind on my Free Erotic Serial that goes out to my newsletter subscribers.  I’ll be putting those two weeks together for the 25th and two more together for the 1st of June and I’ll also be releasing the next in the ‘Master’ series for free just for the subscribers because of this problem :/

Now I must leave.  Off to work on my to do list today.  Hope you all have a great day!

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