Life, Writing and a HUGE change for me.

Well, life has been a little bit awesome, a little bit crazy and a lot different.

I’ve been losing weight and exercising.  I’m down 22 pounds 🙂 Doing a lot of fantastic stuff and getting fit 😀

Another great change – the huge one – I’ve got a full time job 🙂  And with this job my moving up is based solely on my abilities.  It’s also very taxing.  Um… dang.

So it’s taken a lot of my time.  Between that job and the Etsy shops I have been working solid.  But then I also have had work in the last couple of weeks for other authors, so… yeah.  Stupid busy.

Now though, I am going to start working on closing (and/or downsizing) the shops and writing more.  I’ve got a new story I’ve been working on and I’m doing the ‘Write a Book With Me’ challenge with @hollylisle.  Check it out here on the WABWM forum.  Free to join and play along.  I am starting officially tonight, though I’ve been working on and off meeting a goal word count daily.

So I am off to get my words for the night, then shower and read a little.  Maybe even finish making my third nail polish rack 🙂

2 thoughts on “Life, Writing and a HUGE change for me.

  1. My goal right now with 2 other jobs on the table and fitness 5 days a week is just 250 words. That is IT. If I get more, WHOOPIE!!! But 250 words is minimum and I can do that on a bad day.

    Lemme know what you come up with!

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