PHOTO: 1/365 The first day of a Year of Gratitude

Something a little different for this blog, a little something personal, hopefully every day.  And happy Thanksgiving, by the way!

Gratitude for the Day: I am thankful for firefighters, but particularly volunteers. Most have no pension, no health or life insurance, little to no pay, and none of them that I know of have a day off. Every day there is a fire, they go to work. Today my husband spotted a fire in the woods on his way out to get milk for our Thanksgiving dinner. He called it in and was gone for roughly 2 hours putting it out.

So thank you, volunteer firefighters. You are awesome.

Note: Due to the recent crash of my laptop (and subsequently the loss of many images, programs, writing, passwords, emails, links, Freehippie info, etc) all images are likely to be SOOC for an undetermined amount of time.


Life has been tough recently. It has been getting better and is, by far, much much better than it was June 15th of 2010 when we first arrived here. Tony is going to school. I have three sources of income and I am working on bringing that down to two, but a better ROI from both.

I keep noticing, however, the bad things, and I have completely forgotten the power of gratitude. Being thankful for the good in life can make the best of your worst day. Daily reminders to be grateful can lead to big changes in your life, a better outlook in general and much better health.

I was perusing Flickr this Thanksgiving day and really missing how I used to take pictures all the time. I am missing Florida so much and even people and situations. I miss my best friend, Lacey, as well – very very much. She was something I never took for granted though.

This morning I was looking at a couple of different streams, thinking about how much I used to share my life with strangers through words and images (much like one of my favorite Flickrites, Steph). How much a good Flickrite and real life friend, Baubcat, used to inspire me with his stream. Also Al’s absolute commitment to the 365 project is astounding and has come up with some of the most memorable self portraits out there – not just in image but in simple words describing a day and giving you a sense of not just Al’s life but life in general.

So, this holiday has given me an idea. I sit here with my husband, watching Dune, drinking egg nog, happy to not be working on what has become (thanks to my husband and our traditions) one of my favorite days of the year. I have a lot to be thankful for and I used to get a lot more out of life.

So I am committing to a full year of images and something to be grateful for on each day. I have finished a 365 before, though I think I have started it like 4 or 5 times, ha. My purpose in this set is to change my life with a better outlook. I want to see where I am next Thanksgiving. I am not expecting to be a best selling author with three houses, a kid and a blockbuster movie, but I am hoping that by reminding myself everyday to find something to be grateful for, I will also remind myself of where I want to be, reinforce my goals and just be happy.