Toys for Tots Run

(Photo is a little blurry, sorry.  I waited until the last minute to think of asking anyone and then I didn’t give her time to adjust to the non-automatic focus).

Yesterday was so hectic. My husband had to take a skills test for school, then we had to rush to make it in time to do the Toys for Tots run.

It was my first time and it was so much fun! I met a lot of people and have to tell you, that group of varied individuals is like an idea tree, ripe for the picking.

Motorcycle or not you should really take yourself down to your local Toys for Tots run and walk around. The bikers are so friendly and always willing to talk about their true loves – the bikes! You get insight into personalities and now I have several ideas brewing. (I also got a huge Buddha head statue for $10 from the local mart, but that’s totally OT.)

Yay for brain stimulation as much (if not more) as for erotic stimulation 🙂