I Don’t Do Resolutions… But Here is One Anyway!

For the past few months I have been cutting down on other hobbies, jobs, obligations, etc in my life.  I have drastically reduced the stock in my shop and plan on shutting it down completely soon, maybe just leaving up the How-To Book.  I have cut down on personal hobbies and things I tend to spend my time on.

2013 is going to be the year of WRITING for me.  So my resolution for writing this year is simple:
Write Every Day.  I am thinking of making the minimum allowance 250 words.  But even when I am at work I can write 250 words of a scene, plotting, character development, ideas, etc.  I have individual writing goals that I want to reach (stories published, novellas submitted, a screenplay finished and sent off for acceptance, etc) but the important thing is dedicating myself to consistency.  To self-discipline.

So I am off to finish out a few orders I still need to make and get out, then I’ll get on my writing today.  And I’ll also be printing out and framing my 2013 Resolutions (there are only three, all daily: ‘Write’, ‘Make my Husband Feel Loved’ & ‘Clean Something’; stop laughing at me with that last one, okay?) and putting them by my work station where I sit every day.

What do you consider your most important goals?  Even if you don’t “do” resolutions, consider setting a couple of intentions for the year, someway to grow and make yourself better at things you consider higher purposes.