Writing Updates – Word Count

Most Current Word Counts
Most Current Word Counts

My daily goal at the moment is 750 words.  Yesterday I got 796 and today I got a whopping 1429.  The only bummer was that they weren’t on the same story.

I’m going to try and keep a tab somewhere on this blog of my daily word counts.  Anyone wishing to join in, just leave comments or better yet, go see if Holly Lisle is doing her “Write a Book with Me” game.  I know when she had migraines she took off from that, and she’s got a ton of new lessons up and coming so I am not sure she is, but if you’re a member on her forums (some are free) then you can catch up with some games going on there.  Or you can just run over to Twitter and play some word wars – there are almost always some going on.

The other thing I marked off my ‘To Do’ List today was to gather up my current open stories (with more than 1000 words OR part of a series, a full plot and mainly erotic content) list where I am with them and put them in plain view.

So far I’ve got only a handful that meet that exact criteria, though I also have two that I started writing in notebooks while I was at work, and those two I need to start typing up soon.

All titles are working titles.

Super Short

To Do Lists for Shop & Writing
To Do Lists for Shop & Writing

“New Territory” (Corrine’s Adventures): 501/3500

“Lessons in Sharing” (Corrine’s Adventures): 0/3500

“Full Submission” (Corrine’s Adventures): 0/3500


“Leo & Mariana” 3537/5000

“Beauty and the Biker” 2908/8000



Rook City Fire Fighters: 20,979/30,000


My goal is to have set deadlines to have the first drafts finished, sent off to my betas, get my cover artist to work on covers, then get them back to format then publish.  I’ve got more goals than what I have listed on the board, but this is how I am keeping things covered for now.

I am hoping to be able to get another story published by mid to late July.

More later!


7 thoughts on “Writing Updates – Word Count

  1. I’m in for the word counts but you knew that already 🙂 Gonna take your advice with the 250 to start… well you’ll see when I update my blog lol.

    I told the hubby about your “to do board” and his first words were “what will it cost us” I was kinda shocked and appalled that he asked that but I understand… but anyway what I mean to say is I’m gonna snag the crap out of that idea 😛

  2. I understand the concern of money. However, the to do board is a killer tool. You can use paper for now (done it!), or hang cardboard on the wall and use index cards (done it!) but next time I pay for a cover (coming soon) or another client does, go to a Walgreens and get yourself a nice dry erase board and some colorful dry erase markers. If it’s money you earned doing what the board will help you focus on, that can only help your cause in purchasing it.

    1. I actually have a HUGE white board in the kitchen that’s my important dates/Menu/We ran out board… I’m thinking of converting that near my workspace so I can see. I made pretty little graphics that are actually going to be my desktop image for now so I have that reminder (I posted them on my blog lol)

      1. No worries! And no it’s not… the place I generally do my writing is on the couch which is in the front room and the white board is currently hanging in the kitchen by the pantry… That’s why I was thinking of moving it or at least once we get the storage room (aka 2nd bedroom) organized I’ll have a little writing/working cove in there.

      2. That sounds perfect. I miss this little cove I had. It was in the water heater room in the first apartment I shared with Tony. It was private and awesome.

        You need to post some pictures like before and after 🙂

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