2 thoughts on “Persistence in Writing – I Wanted so Badly to Not Write Today

  1. Very much loved this post! I’ve felt like that for the past several days, and mainly because I think I’m stuck in my story, and not sure how to move it forward. But, like you, when I just write, I find the scenes and dialogue can flow out quite easily. You presented this post in an almost poetic manner, touching at the heart of the desire to write and how it can consume you. Can’t wait to see your other posts.

    1. Awww. Thank you. I think when I allow myself to express without fear of what others will think of me I can touch more intimately on experiences many others might share with me. And on another note I was thinking of you when I wrote this. Seriously as we have discussed your excellent self discipline I was wondering if this was something you also ran into.

      Thank you for reading and responding.

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