In Writing Sexy Characters – How Do You Get Away from Your Own Type?

First I want to say that I am currently sitting at 7442 out of 8000 for the Biker romance.  I might even knock out the words I need (two sex scenes) tonight but I doubt it.  I have homework, housework and workwork to do.  I’m looking forward to finishing this one.

It is going to need pretty extensive editing before I can get it to my beta readers.  First more description on all 5 senses, more of the female character’s personality and more of the biker theme or else a totally different title.  Once I am done I can put it aside for three days and work on something else until moving on to editing.

So, before I get on to my main point of this post, I did want to pose a question.  With a title like “Beauty and the Biker” is it expected that there would be a LOT of Biker Theme throughout the book?  Like biker bars, motorcycle poker runs, her/him riding on the motorcycle, biker friends, etc?  Or is it enough that the male main character is a biker & tough; dresses like one, talks and acts like one and rides his bike all the time?  I feel as though that’s not enough “biker” to use that title.

Now, to my main point: I have a type.  Looking at all the men that I have had crushes on and the man I married, it’s painfully obvious: I like tall, lean men with dark eyes, dark hair, tattoos.  Sometimes a not-so-perfect past is involved.  Gruff, strong men.  Silent types.

However, I totally get that my readers might not share my tastes.  Or they might like that type but obviously they don’t want the same hero/love interest in every book.

So as a writer, I have to create different looking men for the books.  I’ve read a number of authors who don’t do this and it’s irritating.  Sometimes to the point of not buying another one of their books.  And when they reuse the same description of a four different men in four different books?  Definitely time to get another writer’s work.

So I am just trying to find a good medium.  I’m not going to write about people I would never in a million years find attractive.  It’s not just about what *I* want to write either, but what my readers want to read.  If I don’t like the characters (or want the love interest) I feel as though that will come through in my writing, no matter how hard I try.  No reader wants to read an erotic story with no chemistry, so it’s best to write characters that I feel are sexy.  Characters that have a certain set of convictions and attitudes about life, if not at the beginning, then at the end.  And they don’t always have to be alike.  Take Martin Riggs from the Lethal Weapon series and James Bond.  Very different, and yet sexy.  Or the two antiheroes of Bodhi from Point Blank and Hitman from “Hitman“.  Both of those characters are completely different, but there are attractive features in both.

So I figure as long as I have characters that fit certain perimeters that *I* find attractive, I can fake the looks part.

The only problem I am running into now is remembering what my guy looks like *facepalm*.  This biker guy is a blond (can’t think of one that I’ve had a crush on since I was 4 and fell in love with Heman) with some color eyes that I cannot even NOW remember.  She’s a dark brunette with light blue eyes.  Now why can I remember her, but not him?  I mean, he’s sexy as hell to me, but his looks are a little ambiguous right now, I guess because I picture my husband.

I have been writing and finishing fiction (romance and erotica too) for 16 years now and I never been one that needed the “character description” notes, but I guess I’ll start.  Or download pictures of hot guys to be that character.

What about other writers?  If you’re reading this let me know your thoughts.  What do you find sexy in either looks or personality?  What do you do in your writing to compensation for a difference in tastes but not compromise your personal affection for the characters?

4 thoughts on “In Writing Sexy Characters – How Do You Get Away from Your Own Type?

  1. See I married the complete opposite of what I find attractive. LOL But a guy with light, curly hair and “bedroom eyes” works in that category… Even dark hair, light eyes works… Idk sucker for light eyes I suppose lol. Personality wise, I like a guy that can handle himself but is vulnerable at times, doesn’t like to show it until that pivotal moment (reading wise).

    Um, I don’t think my writing really counts for the last question. How ever, I will admit that the two Jasper/Alice fictions I did write I didn’t picture SM’s Jasper… while for one, yes it was Jackson Rathbone I was envisioning (cause the cowboy in him is yummy and he’s got the dark hair/light eyes thing lol) the second time it was more Sawyer from “Lost” cause I needed a more rugged and older (both physically and mentally) Jasper.

    1. We have the polar opposite tastes! Lol. What do you consider “bedroom eyes”? Like, lusty eyes? Or sleepy looking eyes, like Edward (whatever his name is) and Kristen Stewart (since you used wilight as an example)?

      1. Wow how did I not know you responded back!?

        “Bedroom eyes” to me have always been ones that are light and seem to glow in the moon light.. at least to me LOL (easy to see in the bedroom hehe) but yeah lusty works too.

        And omg, do you not know me? Edward and Bella BLECH 😛

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