Cover and Small Personal Story Behind the Newly Published “Mariana Takes Charge”

Whew, I have been so busy recently that I haven’t taken the time I should to blog, even though I’ve got a million topics that I want to discuss. I’ve got orders to complete locally, a dog that we just recently adopted that is still sick and needs attention, my anniversary coming up this Sunday, another cover to work out with Velary, three other stories that are priorities, but thLeo&MarianaCoveren I’ve also got the house to clean, new products to design and create, products to post that have been waiting, and just general day job stuff.  Then I am also trying to take a few minutes out of my days to draw and study with Holly Lisle’s ‘How to Think Sideways’ course.

I am in desperate need of a stronger, more all-encompassing routine, lol.

For now I just wanted to note that ‘Mariana Takes Charge‘ is now up for sale!  And as usual it’s a quickie under 6k, so it’s priced at only .99 cents!

I really enjoyed writing this one, it’s unique in the way that I have an odd personal connection to it.

This bit won’t help sell the book I am sure.  I should be sitting here talking about how sexy it is, or what juicy parts I liked… but I’m a real person, not just an author trying to market.  And I feel that if I am writing here on my blog, I want to do it as me.

Usually I put myself out there in my writing – don’t we all?  But I started writing this story based off of a conversation that a friend and I had, a friend that has recently passed away.  He was a really good guy and when he died I realized I had to finish writing this.  Not that this is a tribute to him, that would be a bit weird.  But it’s just the connection I have with the story.  It felt good to finish it, and to get it published.

I’ve added him as a character to another book – this one not erotica – and that piece will most certainly encapsulate his personality and be a real attempt at showing the world what a complex and great person he was.

That being said, ‘Mariana Takes Charge‘ is more of a twist to real life, substituting another person (Mariana) as the main character and seeing where it all could have gone in a different world.  I do that a lot.  Please, if there are other writers out there, let me know if you do this too!  Sort of a AU for your own life events (whether you are in the stories as a thinly veiled character or it’s just someone completely different).

I did want to thank Scarlett Darkwood and Liza Search for the quick betas, and Velary-Ann Maddox for the cover.

2 thoughts on “Cover and Small Personal Story Behind the Newly Published “Mariana Takes Charge”

  1. I think this story is wonderful, and I think it’s good to recognize how much of you or someone you know are either a part of or not a part of your stories. In my stories, I do seem to include elements that I’ve enjoyed in my life, and maybe a little bit of myself too. Though I have to admit, I don’t do what my characters do sometimes, and I wouldn’t really want to work in the world I’ve created for the series I’m working on now; though I hate to admit that. There’s a place for reality and a place for fantasy, but somewhere in the middle lies the blurred line!

  2. I agree that it’s good to recognize when you’ve got a little bit of you or others in your stories. Sometimes it can really creep up on you! In this case it was the basis of the story. It’s amazing how much a simple conversation can lead to.

    I wouldn’t hate admitting that you wouldn’t want to work in The House, lol! That just makes you a sane human being 😉 You would have to be quite the sexaholic I think to want to be an attendant there, and very willing to put aside you’re entire life outside of sex. Like you said, there is a place for reality and a place for fantasy. Your books aren’t all about fantasy though – I have the feeling they might inspire and lend courage to those desiring something different 🙂

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