Motorcycle Accident Delay and Coming Up Fighting

Just as things were starting to get on a roll again with my writing, my husband had an idiot pull out in front of him while he was on his motorcycle. Because she – and her trailer – failed to yield the right of way to him (but not to two cars in front of him because if she happened to hit them, that would hurt her) he was life flighted from the local hospital to another for head trauma. Luckily there was no lasting head injury, but he still suffered major injuries – fractures through his face, body and leg and a shattered humerus just to name the major ones.

He’s still not fully healed, but he’s doing sooooo much better and is mostly back to being fully independent (mostly). So now I am back with a vengeance because we need money now more than ever for the bills, especially because Gieco is a slimely, sleezy company that attempts to get out of paying for anything. I have had nothing but bad experiences with them, even when I was a customer of theirs with brand new car with full coverage.

So I need to write a bunch of stories that I want to write anywho, but I need to write them now, asap, so that I can get them up and perhaps start paying some of these medical bills down. Because the insurance isn’t going to cover them all.

So I have just gone into Holly Lisle’s site again, How to Think Sideways, and opened up my copy of 21 Ways to Get Yourself Writing When Your Life Has Just Exploded and I’m going to be devouring this while I finish up the remaining Etsy orders (see The Day Job tab) that need to go out. I started writing two days ago and got a few words, then again yesterday, but I’m swamped, stressed and unfocused. I need to fix this and fix it now so that I can start digging myself out of piecework and finally turn the corner on owning my own success doing something that I love.

So I am going to spend today reading that (while making jewelry) and coming up with a list of stories and books, as well as start working on my second (and much requested) Etsy book.

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