Old Idea Finally Starting to Sprout

I have been working on a few ideas, but I’ve put them aside for maybe just “weekend” quickies (my working “weekend” is Sunday and Monday).  I’ve put them aside because I am very, VERY excited about a project I am calling FOSTER.  That is the name for the series.  It’s not a person’s first or last name or anything, but it fits.  Supernatural elements, erotic sex, and hopefully thrilling pace and plot twists!!  It’s a series with the same male protagonists in each book, two sexy guys that might end up with hot ladies but their main goals in the books are actually plot driven.

I’ve been mulling over this idea for a few years now, but it feels like the right time!

What are YOU excited about right now?  Do you have any ideas you’ve been chewing on for a while but haven’t had the time/guys to follow through?

10 Ways for an ADD Writer to be OOH! SHINY!…Productive

Excellent post. I feel inspired to get more writing, housework and workwork done, and maybe even throw in a little brain surgery 😉

I have just started ignoring my feelings and I gotta say, I am a load more productive. Feelings seem to come from the annoying inner brat lol.

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Other writers frequently ask how I somehow manage to get a lot of stuff done, despite my having the attention span of a fruit fly…with a bad crack habit. Here are 10 ways to help you be productive even if OOH! SHINY!

…even if you tend to be a tad ADD. The following tips are what help ME stay focused. I am NOT a doctor or psychologist or ADD expert. I’m a Jedi master, warp engine inspector, and WRITER so you get what you get.

1. Make lists.

I get distracted easily, so a list reminds me of what I need to get accomplished. I make separate lists—housework, fiction, non-fiction, business stuff, global domination using sea monkeys. Then, once I have the list, I do the hardest thing on my writing and business lists FIRST (housework can WAIT).

Like Covey says, Never mistake the urgent for the important.

2. Understand…

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Writing Updates – Word Count

Most Current Word Counts
Most Current Word Counts

My daily goal at the moment is 750 words.  Yesterday I got 796 and today I got a whopping 1429.  The only bummer was that they weren’t on the same story.

I’m going to try and keep a tab somewhere on this blog of my daily word counts.  Anyone wishing to join in, just leave comments or better yet, go see if Holly Lisle is doing her “Write a Book with Me” game.  I know when she had migraines she took off from that, and she’s got a ton of new lessons up and coming so I am not sure she is, but if you’re a member on her forums (some are free) then you can catch up with some games going on there.  Or you can just run over to Twitter and play some word wars – there are almost always some going on.

The other thing I marked off my ‘To Do’ List today was to gather up my current open stories (with more than 1000 words OR part of a series, a full plot and mainly erotic content) list where I am with them and put them in plain view.

So far I’ve got only a handful that meet that exact criteria, though I also have two that I started writing in notebooks while I was at work, and those two I need to start typing up soon.

All titles are working titles.

Super Short

To Do Lists for Shop & Writing
To Do Lists for Shop & Writing

“New Territory” (Corrine’s Adventures): 501/3500

“Lessons in Sharing” (Corrine’s Adventures): 0/3500

“Full Submission” (Corrine’s Adventures): 0/3500


“Leo & Mariana” 3537/5000

“Beauty and the Biker” 2908/8000



Rook City Fire Fighters: 20,979/30,000


My goal is to have set deadlines to have the first drafts finished, sent off to my betas, get my cover artist to work on covers, then get them back to format then publish.  I’ve got more goals than what I have listed on the board, but this is how I am keeping things covered for now.

I am hoping to be able to get another story published by mid to late July.

More later!


Toys for Tots Run

(Photo is a little blurry, sorry.  I waited until the last minute to think of asking anyone and then I didn’t give her time to adjust to the non-automatic focus).

Yesterday was so hectic. My husband had to take a skills test for school, then we had to rush to make it in time to do the Toys for Tots run.

It was my first time and it was so much fun! I met a lot of people and have to tell you, that group of varied individuals is like an idea tree, ripe for the picking.

Motorcycle or not you should really take yourself down to your local Toys for Tots run and walk around. The bikers are so friendly and always willing to talk about their true loves – the bikes! You get insight into personalities and now I have several ideas brewing. (I also got a huge Buddha head statue for $10 from the local mart, but that’s totally OT.)

Yay for brain stimulation as much (if not more) as for erotic stimulation 🙂

15/365 Imagination

Gratitude for the Day: Imagination.

Imagination keeps hope alive. It keeps the blood pumping and dreams running on more than steam. Imaginative ideas are born from inspiration and lead to breakthroughs in science, technology and the arts.

Here on paper and tape, are ideas, plots, plans, one word sentences, whole novel series, trilogies, ideas for shorts; all for fiction – either novels or screenplays.

I have many more on the computer and you cannot see how many small notes and loose papers are there. Imagination is not only part of what keeps my will to live strong, but also the thing that gives me hope for my future, a smile for my past, and a thrill for my present.

(for more of these photo posts, follow me on Flickr).

Erotica Writer INTERVIEW: Leslie Lee Sanders

BIO:  The author of several books of fiction and fiction with spice, Leslie Lee Sanders spends her time writing erotic romances (mostly in the gay and ménage categories). She currently has two books available for mature teen readers and several erotic romances published as e-books and in print. Published with Xcite books and Breathless Press.

Nymph Du Pave: What lead to your choice to write?

Leslie Lee Sanders: Writing has always been more of an urge rather than a choice for me. Discovering the many adventures, conflicts and characters in books made me want to create my own world. In sixth grade I did just that, writing short horror stories inspired by the scary story books by Alvin Schwartz. Even now, it’s that urge to write, to create that keep me at my computer at all kinds of crazy hours.

NDP: What are your current projects? Can you share a little of your current work with us? (it will be linked to as a PDF)

LLS: My latest release, Tongue Tied, is an MM erotic short. It’s a very erotic tale about Ryan who develops a longing for his best friend’s tongue after a night of “double dating” with sexy Katelyn. However, it’s difficult for Ryan to tell his friend what’s been nagging at him.

I’m really excited about what I call my MM, post-apocalyptic erotic romance, Before the Darkness. In short, it’s about Elliot and Adam who are survivors of an asteroid impact and are working together to get over their inner demons and their growing attraction for each other as they search for other survivors. But they get sidetracked when they find spray painted signs pointing them to a mysterious place: Refuge Inc.

Before the Darkness is the first book in the Refuge Inc. Series and it’s currently out on submission. So wish me luck!

NDP: Do you see writing as a career, either current or future?

LLS: Writing is definitely a career for me now and hopefully in the future too. I hope to continue getting promoted every year, making new friends and growing in every way possible.

NDP: Do you have a message or theme you want to get across? Is that something that is in all of your work, or just a particular line/series/piece?

LLS: One of the major themes I tend to promote in my stories is TOLERANCE. You know, tolerance for the eccentric, different, the unconventional. It comes across subtlety in my writings and sometimes blatantly. I think that’s one of the reasons why I enjoy writing stories with an erotic slant. I love to push the boundaries and then say, “Deal with it.” The fact that I am able to write what I please and do so unapologetically is a message itself.

NDP: Where would you like to be 5 years from now?

LLS: I would like to be on the cover of magazines, have a million dollar book deal, a movie deal, and a figurine made in my image. However, although I dream big, I live in the real world and striving to gain a larger readership, produce at least one award winning tale and write better and better books doesn’t seem too out of reach. And it wouldn’t hurt to see my name on a few bestsellers lists. I think that’s every writers dream.

NDP: What books have most influenced your life most?

LLS: As a girl I read The Giver and Island of the Blue Dolphins. Back then, I used to think a book’s title was exactly what the story would be about so I anticipated reading about some blue dolphins on an island and some Santa Claus-like character giving away stuff. Now, when rereading these stories and understanding the underlying messages and themes. I like to think that reading these books as a child had something to do with the urge I have to create stories with core messages, even if I didn’t recognize the impact then.

NDP: What was the best advice you have ever heard, read or been given regarding writing?

LLS: Best writing advice by far: Know the rules, understand them, and apply them before breaking them. Now, that’s not an exact quote, but the gist of what I’ve read in dozens of books on fiction writing over the years. And it’s true, I believe. You have to know the rules of writing and publishing before you can break the rules and still succeed.

NDP: What book are you reading now?

LLS: I recently finished reading an amazing dark tale, Hushed by Kelley York. It’s a great take on a semi-romantic thriller for those who enjoy dark reads. You actually feel for the young killer who falls for another man. You understand his motive and feel his pain enough to root for him. And there’s somewhat of a happy ending. Brilliant story. Highly recommended.

NDP: Are there any new authors that have grasped your interest?

LLS: Besides the aforementioned Kelley York, I was eyeing Damon Suede and his MM story Hot Head which has gotten a lot of attention lately.

NDP: What question have you always wanted to be asked in an interview? How would you answer that question?

LLS: Ooh, good question! I always wanted someone to ask, “What’s something you find weird about yourself that you’d like to share?” And I would answer, “I use men’s deodorant because I’m allergic to an ingredient in women’s. It burns my pits, man!” Funnier if they asked me that question in person, because then I can use hand gestures and facial expressions to get my point across. Lol.

NDP: Is there anything you find particularly challenging in your writing? (OR) What is the hardest part of writing for you?

LLS: The hardest part of writing, for me and probably most fiction writers, is to FINISH writing the story. It’s always so easy to start a novel or novella, but to keep the momentum going requires a lot of determination.

NDP: Do you ever experience writer’s block? If so how do you get through it?

LLS: I don’t really believe in writer’s block. To me, writer’s block is just an excuse not to write. The problem is you’re losing interest in the part of the story you’re stuck on. A good solution is to skip ahead. Start writing the next chapter, the climax or even the ending. That way you’re still writing and stimulating your imagination at the same time. So when you get to the end, you can go back to the part you skipped and finish writing it, rewrite it, or scrap it with ease.

NDP: How do you find inspiration?

LLS: I’m inspired by movies, music, other stories, dreams, headlines and everyday life. Everything is inspiration for writing, either by inspiring ideas, characters or scenes, etc., or by inspiring me to keep writing and keep improving.

NDP: How do you keep the love of writing alive?

LLS: I think part of my love for writing comes from the “creating” part of it. I’m an artist. I have to make things, invent this, and bring things to life. I have an intense urge to leave my mark on the world. I need to mold something into existence with my hands or my voice, use my mind, my imagination, my concepts, and share it with the masses. It’s an addiction, which is the only way I can explain why I do the creative things I do. I’ll never stop. And money has never been a factor. Even if I were a billionaire I would still write fiction.

NDP: Have you learned anything from writing? What was it?

LLS: If it’s too easy, you’re not doing it right. That’s my motto. It can be applied to almost anything really; writing, exercising, sex. Kind of like that old saying: No pain, no gain. I picked up this motto after realizing … just because I finished writing a 60k word novel in 30 days doesn’t mean it’s ready for publication. Some things you have to learn the hard way. It’s better to fail and learn from it than to fail and fail again, right?

NDP: What do you feel are your strong points? What about things you’re working to improve?

LLS: I think I deal with criticism and rejection quite well publically. I understand everyone has their own idea of what’s good or bad, and I respect that. However, I think I need to work on dealing with criticism and rejection in private. Hubby is often subjected to an earful. Poor hubby. Thankfully, after I get it all out of my system I move on.

NDP: Do you have any advice for other writers?

LLS: A critique partner is priceless. Whether you are indie published or established, seeking publication or representation from an agent, a critique partner is invaluable and every writer needs one. Get a critique partner or two!

NDP: Do you write an outline before every book/story you write?

LLS: Not every book. I do write an outline for the big projects like series or novels with lots of characters and subplots. It a great way to keep organized. Otherwise, I know where I’m headed in the story and just write until I get there.

NDP: How do you come up with characters that are not only real to you and your readers but continue to intrigue you through the life of their in-book/series time?

LLS: Honestly, I don’t know. Maybe it’s the journey you take with the character that makes you hold on to them and their roller-coaster ride. Creating a character with enough background, personality and inner issues might be the trick. I’m in love with the characters of my MMF novel (turned free online serial), Three’s a Crowd. I haven’t written about them in a while and I actually miss them. They each have so many issues to explore, you can’t forget about them so easily. They just don’t allow you to move on.

NDP: What’s a typical working day like for you? When and where do you write? Do you set a daily/weekly writing goal?

LLS: I work mainly in my home office on my computer when I can. Honestly, I have no daily or weekly writing goals. I pick a month and tell myself I have till then to finish my current project. That’s how I’ve been rolling recently. There are too many tasks in a day or week for me to complete, and forcing myself to write when I absolutely don’t have the time to seems ludicrous. However, I always finish what I start.



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Quick Post: Master’s Return in Amazon Review Stage

Thank goodness.  I’ve got to say that, while I don’t have many days that ruffle my feathers, this day has been SHIT.  Stressful, frustrating and not enough hours to do what I have to do.

My list of things to be grateful for:

1. My husband is a sweetheart that makes me feel better, so thank all that is good in this world for him.

2. My cover artist is 3 hours behind me and SUPER FAST at responding with solutions to my issues.

3. My newest short story, Master’s Return, is now in the Pending Review on Amazon.

4. I’ve got two more authors lined up for interviews!!

So GOOD NIGHT world.  I hope to wake up to a fresh pot of coffee, a few sales with the day job, a newly published short story to promote and a fresh, clean page for my next story within the series of “Corrine’s Adventures.”

Schedule Shift: Thanks Real Life :/

As sometimes happens, my current routine and schedule has failed me the last few days.  I haven’t even blogged.  Yesterday I was blessed with an influx of work from the day jobs, but this means less time to write.  So for now, I have flipped things around. 

Exercise before anything, then breakfast and emails, then meditation, then writing.  My goal is a simple 500 words a day.  When I get that done I move onto the day job and other obligations, like studying Make Up and Special Effects during my lunch hour.  Once everything on my to do list is done then, if I want, I can get back to writing.

I’m stuck with Leo & Mariana, argh, so I moved on to the next of the ‘Corrine’s Adventures‘ stories.  I plan for a total of five of them and for them to be between 3250 and 3500 words.  So far I’ve only gotten 1/5 done.

This morning’s word count was 554.  Now, onto the day job.