I love to read and read everything.  Nonfiction and fiction alike, pretty much any genre and length.  I love to read interviews with authors as well, but one thing I have noticed is a lack of truly in-depth, personal interviews with smut writers.  I decided to bring my open-mindedness and genuine desire to know more about authors to my blog.

Erotica is an art form; you can’t just plaster a bunch so descriptions of people on the page then throw on some raunchy verbs and adjectives.  You really have to build suspense, desire, lust and give the reader what they came for.  It’s not easy and it’s an art form looked down upon.

That all being said, I am looking to interview writers whose work I enjoyed.  Whether they’ve been writing since they were kids and published for 20 years or they’re just starting out and finding their place, I want to know all about them.

The Interviews:

Jason Jaxx – 3/20/12

Liia Ann White – 4/3/12

Amanda Charvi – 4/17/12

Rebecca Royce – 5/1/12

Cassandra Carr – 5/15/12

Leslie Lee Sanders – 5/29/12

Scarlet Darkwood – 12/5/12

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