The Day Job

My Studio
My Studio

I lived in South Florida for 14 years, had a job with a company for about 6 before the owners finally had to shut the company down – due to the two of them embezzling funds and gambling away their futures and that of their 30 odd employees.

My husband also lost his job with a company that was downsizing.  We had to move to a family home here in Georgia but the job market absolutely stinks.  I can’t find any work – not just office work but ANY work.

So my day job is making and selling jewelry on Etsy. I actually make enough to pay our bills and other people have been asking advice since my third month with FreeHippie (one of the shops).  Sooo many people asked that I wrote an article.  That article was featured in Etsy’s newsletter that week and I realized that I really had information that could help others.  So I wrote a book about how I run my shop.

Beautifully Done PDF on FreeHippie.Etsy.Com  $5.99  It’s way more aesthetically pleasing and easier on the eye than the Kindle or Nook versions and it costs the same price!

Kindle – Amazon $5.99

Nook – Barnes & Noble $5.99

However, while the book pays for our least expensive reoccurring bill, I still have to run my shops, lol.  If you’re interested you can check out the shop below. (or like the Facebook page)

This is the main store that I spend my time on.  It’s mostly hippie jewelry, hats and accessories – but not the same hemp pieces that you’ve been seeing since the 60’s!  Bohemian and gypsy flair, some vintage and repurposed pieces.  I love my little shop.  Hats, dreadlock accessories, and little funky items too!

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